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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are your store hours?

Answer: We are open from 11AM to 6PM every day except Sunday.

Question: Do you have real black powder?

Answer: Yes, we have 1-4 FFG as well as some skirmish powder.

Question: Do you have black powder firearms?

Answer: Yes, we have rifles as well as revolvers that are black powder, as well as some accessories to go along with it.

Question: Do you sell NFA items?

Answer: Yes, we have several suppressors, as well as a suppressed AR Upper. We can also order in many NFA Items and walk you through the NFA process.

Question: Do you buy/trade?

Answer: Yes, but our current inventory will play a factor in whether or not we would be interested in buying or trading for a particular product. Any ammo boxes you are looking to trade must be full, we do not accept partial boxes in most circumstances.

Question: Do we have a gunsmith/repair guns?

Answer: We have a part-time gunsmith. What guns we accept depends on what our gunsmith is willing to do and what tools he has at his disposal. On that note: we do not have the tools to properly drill and tap firearms.

Question: What types of payment do you accept?

Answer: We accept all credit/debit cards, although cash and check are prefered.

Question: Can I return a firearm?

Answer: All firearm sales are final. The only exception to this is if there is something wrong with the firearm, when it was bought, that we are unable to fix.