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FFL Transfer Information

We accept transfers from other FFL dealers.

When you get a notification that your firearm was delivered, please be patient and give us time to enter the firearm(s) into our books and inventory system. Once this process is finished we will call you. If you come in before we are given time to process your firearm you may be turned away

Information Needed for Incoming Transfers

We will need several pieces of information if you are having a firearm shipped to us:

Your Name and Email

The Company Sending the FFL Transfer

The FFL's Contact Email / Phone Number

Order / Item Number (if Applicable)

Please send us an email with this information and we will get the transfer process started.

Fees and Other Information

Incoming Transfer with OH CCH - $25 per firearm

Incoming Transfer without OH CCH - $30 per firearm

Outgoing Transfer - $30 plus the cost of shipping

All outgoing handguns must use two day shipping.

We usually have plenty of boxes to ship firearms out; but just in case, or if you want to make sure your firearms ship as soon as possible, please look into bringing your own box. We have most sizes of flat rate USPS and Fedex Express boxes in stock.

We will also need a valid form of state issued ID with your picture on it and your current address for any incoming or outgoing transfers.

All outgoing transfers should have the name of the FFL and address the firearm is shipping to. Ammo cannot be shipped in the same box as the firearm

If you have any additional questions regarding transfers, please contact us.